tell them about the dream!

The Sword and the Feather
-the inception of:
the world’s largest domestic violence shelter
or if you will,
the largest domestic violence shelter in the world
970-306-6868 or 970-30MOUNT ~ leave a message to start making contact, this is going to require a little time for preparations and dependancies
-board is currently being formed

Facebook – Patrickm Zerofour

Twitter – Patrickm Zerofour


OurSpace, oops I mean MySpace – Patrickm Zerofour

*special thanks to craigslist phoenix & especially phoenix backpage for all their help

*proposal for 1 trillion site hits is being answered. i need something to bring to the table to negotiate zoning board approval
-the term “largest domestic violence shelter” is not one of pride, vanity, mania or ego. i am just simply coordinating a place for targets of domestic violence to go in order to be safe. a place to call home.