Domestic Violence Rises Nationwide for Third Year While Economy       Struggles; Government Budget Cuts Take Toll on Survivors and Shelters

Mary Kay Identifies Continuing National Increase in Domestic Violence       and its Severity, Responds with Action Plan for Prevention

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Domestic violence shelters throughout the United States report the       economy continues to significantly affect women – with domestic violence       increasing for the third straight year and government cutbacks       decreasing shelters’ ability to help survivors. In addition to domestic       violence incidents growing and funding sources diminishing, the abuse is       reportedly more severe, victims are struggling to find jobs and shelters       expect the situation will only get worse in light of the economy –       according to the third “Mary       Kay Truth About Abuse” nationalsurvey.   

      More than 670 domestic violence shelters across the country were       surveyed in March 2011. Shelters report the economy’s decline since 2008       has increased demand for their services, and they also note their       shelters’ ability to raise funds and provide services will be hampered       over the next 12 months.