There was a gentleman who went into a very large successful bicycle shop near a state college(from what i witnessed, he seemed to have a little over $1,500- to spend on a brand new bicycle for himself).  There was a “blowout” type of sale where select bicycles were well over 50% off their reasonable retail value.  The gentleman had just test ridden a $3800 bicycle. The bicycle was marked down to where he needed for it to be around $1500 and he absolutely loved it, i mean he had a real “experience” on this bike and he was extatic!  Everyone from the common customer all the way up to the owner were happy for this gentleman.  The owner went to ring him up on his best buy ever, when the man says, “I just want to test ride this other $1500 bike before i pay for the bike that’s on sale.

Those in the shop at that time including myself had the opportunity to hear the owner of the shop council this man back on course with a remarkable quality of kindness and tolerance.  The buyer was able thankfully, to make the better decision:)

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