Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) (Korean: 한국 방송 공사, Hanguk Bangsong Gongsa) is a South Korean radio and television network, founded in 1927. It is the biggest out of the four major South Korean television networks.

  • KBS Radio 1 (711KHz AM/97.3MHz FM KBS Radio Seoul) – news, current affairs, documentary and culture. Launched in 1927 as Kyeongseong Broadcasting Corporation JODK and it became KBS Radio 1 in 1965.
  • KBS Radio 2 (603KHz AM/106.1MHz FM) – entertainment. Launched in 1948 as HLSA.
  • KBS Radio 3 (1134KHz AM/104.9MHz FM) – Launched in 1973 as RSB (Radio Seoul Broadcasting), renamed as TBC Radio in the 1970s, then current name in 1980, and ceased broadcasting in 1981. It was later replaced by KBS Radio 2’s regional radio service and Educational FM (now EBS FM). Later re-launched in 2000 as a spin-off from KBS Radio 2. For the first time in 2010, it was launched on FM and restructured as a radio station for the disabled.
  • KBS 1FM (93.1MHz Classic FM) – classical music and folkmusic. Launched in 1979 as KBS-FM.
  • KBS 2FM (89.1 MHz Cool FM) – popular music. Launched in 1966 as TBC-FM.
  • KBS Han minjok radio (6015MHz Shortwave) (shortwave & mediumwave) – Launched in 1975 as KBS Third Programme
  • KBS World Radio – international service [see also RFI, BBC World Service and Radio Canada International], as well as satellite and international services.
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