Any scheme of combatting domestic violence which does not carry with it, at least a class 5 felony charge against the sick man or woman, is doomed to failure.  Due process is obviously a given.  The fact is that violence is a worldwide epidemic and direct hits will continue to be sustained on all sides until they are effectively diverted.  If you have not yet been directly and traumatically effected by violence and terror, then you tell me.  What does the data show and prove?  ignore it and it will go away…?  How can this be true, when injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere?M.L.K

domestic violence, terror within the home and human trafficing are a disease that is spreading and the disease must be quaranteened and healed before the healthy population is introduced back into the general population.  i know this to be drastic and “extreme”, although, if you have experienced terror the way that i have, you will come to know that there is no middle-of-the-road solution.  the sick need a real physician.  i have met the dynamic of terror face to face and it can not be overcome when confronted in singlehanded spiritual combat.  terror and violence “migrates” within any given population.  it is well guarded and all preventive measures currently in place are withering, being swallowed up by the very disease they are in place to prevent.  the grave is never satisfied.

if you can imagine, for a brief moment, a world where we confront war crimes, before war takes place, then you may have the opportunity to avoid the losses and terror that i have myself experienced.  we are not doing our part to shield our nations’ forces from the “unbearable”

not making a decision is still making the decisions…

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