i recently studied the movie “Law Abiding Citizen” and it seems to reflect accurately the heart(s) of people throughout the world.  it reminded me of a defining line from the movie “Black Hawk Down”.

“without victory, there can be no peace.  that is something that you people will never understand.”

in what areas of our life do we make the decision to persue victory?  is it vengance and retribution?, or should we look at choosing in advance, the role and part we’ve been assigned as THE GOOD SAMARITAIN?  in so doing, i propose that the one who beat the traveller and left him to die will be brought to justice.  not our brand of justice, but a more eternal one.

the alternative to my proposal is simple.  you will, in vengance and retribution, become the very monster that you persue.

the hunt is on today, but a very different one than we have here-to-fore known.  the hunt for better and more effective ways to nurse the sick man, woman or child(the traveller) back to health.  i can think of 4 great reasons right off the top that people will follow a persuit such as this.  how many can you think of? 

God has a very special place in His/Her heart for the varying types of nurses in this world.  i now encourage you to be the best nurse that you can be, because when we do this, we know deep within our hearts that we serve an effective Physicain.  A physician who has absorbed the impact of most of our trauma(s) within Her/Himself.

rather than being so concerned with taking oaths, we now have the ability within ourselves, to the fulfilling responsibility of living out the oaths we share with our neighbors.  consider the cost today.  this may just help your belief that you’ll make it back home some day as you go on in this life…

perhaps someone can assist me in locating an accurate docket # for the historic Mary Ellen case and any docket numbers that followed in the various societies and communities following Mary Ellen’s protection and security.  details are appreciated.  it will be helpful in finally securing all Violence against Women Act “reauthorizations”.