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A recent state audit revealed that $715,000 in state-mandated funds collected by the county since 1995 and meant to be distributed to local domestic violence shelters sat in an account virtually forgotten by officials until the oversight was accidentally discovered in 2010. It wasn’t until earlier this year that the money was ultimately distributed to shelters.

Copyright (c) 2000 Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas
University of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Review
ESSAY: Battered-Child Syndrome: Is It a Paradigm for a Child of Embattled Divorce?
Spring, 2000
22 U. Ark. Little Rock L. Rev. 335
H. Patrick Stern, M.D. *, Michael W. Mellon, Ph.D. **, Beth O. Butler, L.C.S.W., Suzanne E. Stroh, R.N.P., Nicholas Long, Ph.D. and Jerry G. Jones, M.D.

The concept of the battered-child syndrome resulted from an evolution of scholarly work exploring unexplained physical injuries of children. 1 The first paper relating fractures of long bones to subdural hematomas in children was published by Caffey in 1946. 2 In 1953, Silverman published a paper on intentional infliction of injuries to children. 3 In 1955, Wooley and Evans blasted the medical profession for not accepting that injuries were being committed willfully to children. 4 Kempe published his research on child abuse during the 1950s. 5

A classic 1962 article reframed society’s concept of physical abuse of children. 6 The authors cautioned “there is reluctance on the part of many physicians to accept the radiologic signs as indications of repetitive trauma and possible abuse.” 7 Fortunately, Kempe and others’ work in identifying the battered-child syndrome led to a tremendous increase in professional recognition and treatment of the physical abuse of children.

This article will review the impact of divorce on children, especially in high conflict families, and present some key historical developments leading to the present management of child abuse. Using the battered-child syndrome as a paradigm, clinical criteria which raise the suspicion of psychological abuse will be proposed for a child of embattled divorce. The potential for improvement of the care of children experiencing high conflict divorce and drawing attention to the concept of psychological abuse of children will be discussed.


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To her dismay, the worker found that the police were helpless to intervene. As a last resort, the worker made a plea to the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, stating that Mary Ellen was an animal in need of protection. The SPCA investigated, and took the case to court. The guardian was sentenced to jail and the child was removed. With this, the New York SPCA incorporated child protective services. Other SPCAs followed suit, and yet other communities formed separate Societies for Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Laws were written to protect children from abuse and neglect.







and here is the most recent, unedited article—“The Traveller”

i recently studied the movie “Law Abiding Citizen” and it seems to reflect accurately the heart(s) of people throughout the world.  it reminded me of a defining line from the movie “Black Hawk Down”.

“without victory, there can be no peace.  that is something that you people will never understand.”

in what areas of our life do we make the decision to persue victory?  is it vengance and retribution?, or should we look at choosing in advance, the role and part we’ve been assigned as THE GOOD SAMARITAIN?  in so doing, i propose that the one who beat the traveller and left him to die will be brought to justice.  not our brand of justice, but a more eternal one.

the alternative to my proposal is simple.  you will, in vengance and retribution, become the very monster that you persue.

the hunt is on today, but a very different one than we have here-to-fore known.  the hunt for better and more effective ways to nurse the sick man, woman or child(the traveller) back to health.  i can think of 4 great reasons right off the top that people will follow a persuit such as this.  how many can you think of? 

God has a very special place in His/Her heart for the varying types of nurses in this world.  i now encourage you to be the best nurse that you can be, because when we do this, we know deep within our hearts that we serve an effective Physicain.  A physician who has absorbed the impact of most of our trauma(s) within Her/Himself.

rather than being so concerned with taking oaths, we now have the ability within ourselves, to the fulfilling responsibility of living out the oaths we share with our neighbors.  consider the cost today.  this may just help your belief that you’ll make it back home some day as you go on in this life…

perhaps someone can assist me in locating an accurate docket # for the historic Mary Ellen case and any docket numbers that followed in the various societies and communities following Mary Ellen’s protection and security.  details are appreciated.  it will be helpful in finally securing all Violence against Women Act “reauthorizations”.

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[Edit] The Russian Federation just chimed in… —————————————————————————————


do you need something to ROCK OUT to today?…suggestion:turn volume all the way up before playing!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vC2Zm13AvIo …


The Greatest American Heroe!!! 21TuesdayAug 2012 Posted by patrickm0000 in Uncategorized ≈ Leave a Comment . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9Q3orQhEcA …


for other up-to-date info you may visit Patrickm Zerofour on facebook. thanks


“True happiness is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” ~Helen Keller #quotes


“To understand everything is to forgive everything.” ~Zen Proverb #quotes


Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health. What concerns us here is only an excessive amount of them. ~#CGJung


“When you feel a peaceful joy, that’s when you are near truth.” ~Rumi #quotes


Any scheme of combatting domestic violence which does not carry with it, at least a class 5 felony charge


against the sick man or woman, is doomed to failure. Due process is obviously a given.


Although provisions related to domestic violence are included in several national policies and laws, there are difficulties in implementing.


what is a thoracic physician/chief physician-if they can even be found at all or if they even exist..?.


RAINN: The nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.refuges


the sword and the feather inception of the… 的中文翻译_百度翻译 [翻译结果]剑和羽毛以来世界上最大的家庭暴力 该结果仅供参考翻译更多自动检测语言中译英英译中中译日日译中百度翻译收起 http://fanyi.baidu.com 


“the sword and the feather the …”的中文翻译 爱词霸翻译 翻译结果: 剑和羽毛以来世界上最大的家庭暴力 其他结果:


抱歉,没有找到与 “the sword and the feather the inception of the world’s largest domestic violence shelter” 相关的网页。


Patrickm Zerofour The Sword and the Feather is the inception of the world‘s largest domestic violence shelter


http://www.rainn.org/ …ult-and-rape-international-resources List International inventory of hotlines, shelters, refuges, crisis…


Domestic Violence Rises Nationwide for Third Year While Economy Struggles;


Domestic violence shelters bursting at the seams The Sword and the Feather ~ the inception of the largest domestic violence shelter in world


If the projected conflict is to be healed,it must return into the psyche of the individual, where it had its unconscious beginnings.~#CGJung


Twitter has a bird as its logo, that’s why when you join you’re an egg. And your home button is a birdhouse. Why am I just getting this?


it can be difficult to continue to choose our words wisely, but it is worth it. it is not a waste of time…


Only Smart People Will Get This: 2+2= Fish, 3+3= Eight, 7+7= Triangle, 4+4 = Arrow, 8+8 = Butterfly.


Loving someone is giving a person the power to hurt you but trusting them not to.


The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you couldn’t do.


“While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die.” Leonardo Da Vinci #quotes


When you know your worth, nobody can make you feel worthless.


Back before WalMart opened, you used to have to buy a ticket to see a bearded woman.


Successful people are not gifted, they just work hard, then succeed on purpose.


You can’t trust someone who lies to you. But don’t lie to someone who trusts you.


Unless you know the whole situation and the facts…keep your mouth shut.


Don’t worry about what others think. People are always negative, don’t let it bother you.


the full answer to so many things may be only in the mind of God.


When you see who’s really there for you, it’s kind of a reality check.


No matter how amazing you are at something, there will always be a 9 year old Asian kid who is better.


Sometimes you just gotta accept that some people can only be in your heart, not in your life.


Resistance to the organized mass can be effected only by the man who is as well organized in his individuality as the mass itself. ~#CGJung


am keeping in touch with friends and family to let them know how i will be proceeding.


there is a domestic violence shelter holding a place for me until 2:30 tomorrow…


i was assaulted with a deadly weapon today in my home. i am o.k., but he will be released from jail sometime in the next 19 hours.


“You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger.” ~ Buddha #quotes


The question is not the future of humanity. But the present of eternity. Jack Kornfield


The drops of rain make a hole in the stone not by violence, but by oft falling. Lucretius


“There are only two mistakes one can make on the road to truth; not going all the way and not starting.” ~Buddha #quotes


“All we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” ~Edgar Allen Poe #quotes


The dream provides the answer through the symbol, which one must understand. ~#CGJung


“If you tape record a love quarrel, it’s the same all over the world. Literally.” ~Jungian analyst Marie-Louise von Franz, Matter of Heart


The dream provides the answer through the symbol, which one must understand. ~#CGJung


@Numinousviews: We also live in our dreams, we do not live only by day. Sometimes we accomplish our greatest deeds in dreams. ~#CGJung


“All we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” ~Edgar Allen Poe #quotes


“Domestic violence and sexual assault are not easy to talk about. Talk about them anyway.” #BlogHER12 #vzwblogher


THE SWORD AND THE FEATHER – the inception of the world’s largest domestic violence shelter


facebook is being significantly more kind and tolerant…we’ll see what happens


A well known doctor or Chief Physician specializing in the treatment of PTSD is not yet known…


Traditionally dissociative disorders such as DID were attributed to trauma and other forms of stress that caused memory to separate…


THE SWORD AND THE FEATHER – the inception of the world’s largest domestic violence shelter Picture (INT’L) general


we did in a little over 1 week with persistence and influence #8 on dogpile and #17 on google search engines!


A well known doctor or Chief Physician specializing in PTSD is not yet known


if you don’t know how to do a live feed….you can start to learn here.


facebook is doing a security check on me with every action I take!


THE SWORD AND THE FEATHER – the inception of the world’s largest domestic violence shelter

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